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Women's Recreational League

The weekly 9-aside/11-aside women's recreational league is perfect for women who don't want to play competitive soccer or travel to other areas of Ottawa to play.  All games are played in the Orleans area. The skill and age level of this league is diverse ranging from women who are turning 23 this year, to women in their 60s. It includes both first time and more experienced players.


Details about the program

Open to all players 23+

  • Millennium Park (2010 Trim Rd)
  • Sunday
  • May 15 to September 15
  • $235/player

Open to all players 35+

  • Cardinal Farms and Kinsella Park
  • Wednesday
  • June 1 to August 17
  • $175/player
  • Friend requests may not necessarily be accommodated as the overall goal is to establish balanced teams to ensure a great playing experience".


Who can I contact if I have questions about the program, address my concerns etc.?

Karen Gallant-Mayer, Adult Coordinator, adults@ottawatfc.com


Player requirements

Players required to wear protective shin guards and cleats/shoes at every game.

Adult teams must wear the OTFC approved red (home or primary) and grey (away or secondary) training shirts, black shorts and socks at all games. Alternatively, black or navy blue shorts, with no distinguishing crests, and white or red socks are also permitted.

All players are required to wear protective shin guards and shoes/cleats at all games and practices. 

No jewelry, hair clips, bracelets, watches or fitness trackers are allowed to be worn on the soccer field. Ontario Soccer Policy states that all jewelry including, but not limited to earrings and watches must be removed. Taping earrings is also not allowed. Jewelry poses an unnecessary risk to all players.

Casts: Hard casts are not permitted.
Eyeglasses: The club strongly recommends that players who wear eyeglasses, wear sports glasses during games and practices for everyone's safety.

OTFC follows FIFA and Ontario Soccer (OS) Policy states which require that all jewellery, including but not limited to earrings and watches, must be removed. Taping earrings is also not allowed. Casts – Hard casts are not permitted.

Players and parents must abide by to the Ottawa TFC Return to Play Protocol and the Code of Conduct.