NEW PLAYERS (evaluations)




Please see the steps below in order to get evaluated by a staff coach.


Players who are already IN A COMPETITIVE or ACADEMY TEAM IN THE CLUB and wish to continue in the program or move up to a higher tiered team in the program.


Players who participated in the OPEN LEAGUE IN THE CLUB this summer and wish to continue in the competitive or academy pathway of the club.

  1. Register for the 'Competitive Base Fee' ($505)
  2. Continue to attend all training and games with your team, and any additional sessions you are invited to by the staff coaches. 
  3. Before the season starts, all players (and parents) will be contacted with an invitation letter to join a team at the appropriate level.


Players who DID NOT PLAY IN A COMPETITIVE or ACADEMY TEAM IN THE CLUB DURING THE 2022 SUMMER SEASON and wish to join a competitive/academy team in the fall/winter.

  1. Create an account in our PowerUp registration portal;
  2. Add a player profile (if this hasn't been done when creating the account);
  3. Register for the 'Competitive Evaluation Fee' ($55) and 'Competitive Base Fee' ($505)
  4. An invitation will be sent by a staff coach inviting the player to at least 2 training sessions;
    (The player will be evaluated within regular training or game scenarios)
  5. The staff coach will inform the player (and parent) of the final decision.