U13-U18 Pre-Season Training Jan 2022

U13-U18 Pre-Season Training Jan 2022

U13-U18 Competitive Pre-Season Training Program

This program is for any of our U13-U18 players, and is designed for the January 2022 Provincial COVID-19 move to "modified stage 2" which prohibits any indoor training and outdoor contact sports. 

The program sees players training twice weekly, once outdoors in local parks, and once indoors through virtual training guided on zoom.  Outdoor sessions will typically last between 45-75 minutes depending on the training format, and includes various forms of running, races, plyometrics, and fun games and relay races in the snow and or on pavement.  Players should dress for the weather, and have both running shoes and snow boots for most outdoor events.   Indoor sessions will run 25 minutes, and include strength and technical skill work done in small space at your home.  

See details and registration below.   

Program Information:

- Once weekly group training outdoors

- Once weekly virtual training indoors (skill and strength)

What you need to participate:

Outdoor Training: 

  • Snow gear (be dressed for the weather)
  • Running shoes
  • Snow boots
  • Gloves, hat, and face covering

Indoors Training:

  • 2 to 3 meters of space (marked out by 4 markers… cones, or shoes, or socks or whatever 4 markers you want)
  • A phone or tablet or laptop through which you will login into the virtual session (must have a camera so that the coach can see what you’re doing as we work). 
    • You need the Zoom application installed on the device you are using (laptops only require the zoom link and the meeting ID)
  • A ball
  • Water
  • A workout matt (if the floor you’re working on is not good for strength work like abs/plank, etc). 
  • A great attitude :)
  • Your setup should look something like this with your camera showing the coach exactly what the picture below shows:

Training Dates and Schedule

Outdoor training will take place either at 4:30pm on a weeknight in the East end of Ottawa or mid-mornings on a weekend.  Sessions will run in and around the millennium Park area. 

Indoor training will be between 5 and 8pm on a weeknight, and will take place at your home.

Specific training days and times differ will be communicated closer to the start date, once the number of participants is more clearly determined.

Start date:  Wednesday January 12th, 2022

Program length:  1 month (ending February 9th)


$55.00 for the month

- If indoor training restrictions are lifted prior to February 9th, then a pro-rated fee for weeks missed will be returned to all registrants at the following rates: 

- Lockdown ends January 26 - Total Program Cost will be $35.00

- If Lockdown ends February 2 - Total Program Cost will be $45.00


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Please email jlundin@ottawatfc.com


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