Goalkeeper Virtual Training - U11-U18

Goalkeeper Virtual Training - U11-U18

Virtual Keeper Training (U11-U18) 

The Virtual Keeper Training program extends our highly popular virtual training program to our last line of defence: the goalkeeper.  Keepers will work on the various nuances of goalkeeper position, guided through workouts by our keeper staff, which includes current and former university and professional goalkeepers.  

The curriculum works through some of the individual technical, physical, mental and tactical elements of the goalkeeper position, and is designed to compliment the regular virtual training that is done in groups/teams (non-GK sessions).

Program Information:

Keeper specific training sessions under the tutelage of Ottawa TFC goalkeeper coaches.  10 sessions are included in the program.  

What you need to participate:
  • 2 to 3 meters of space (marked out by 4 markers… cones, or shoes, or socks or whatever 4 markers you want)
  • A phone or tablet or laptop through which you will login into the virtual session - this must have a camera so that the coach can see what you’re doing as we work). 
    • You need the zoom application installed on the device you are using. 
  • A ball
  • GK gloves
  • A workout matt.
  • A great attitude :)
  • Your setup should look something like this with your camera showing the coach exactly what the picture below shows:

Training Dates and Schedule

Training dates and times differ between groups. Please contact the email below for more details.




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