Competitive/Recreational (OCSL)



These are teams that represent Ottawa TFC at various levels across the district, region and province. Competitive teams compete against other clubs in leagues like the OCSL, Ontario Cup, etc.:

  • Ottawa TFC Men's and Women's First Team
  • OCSL Recreational (18+)
    • Divisions range from 1 (highest) through 8 (lowest)
      • Men's Recreational 4 - Tuesday
      • Women's Recreational 2 - Tuesday
  • OCSL Competitive (18+)
    • Divisions range from 1 (highest) through 5 (lowest)
      • Men's Competitive 1 - Tuesday
      • Men's Competitive 2 - Monday
      • Women's Competitive 1 - Thursday
      • Women's competitive 4 - Monday
  • OCSL Oldtimers (35+)
    • Competitive leagues designed for players who are 35 years or older in 2023 and range from OT1 (highest) to OT6 (lowest).
      • Men's OT2 - Friday



Details about the program

  • Orleans - Millennium Park (2010 Trim Rd)
  • 1 training + 1 game
  • OSCL League (Across the city of Ottawa)
  • Mid-April to end of August (20 weeks)
    • No sessions during summer break: Saturday, July 22 to Sunday, August 6
  • Recreational: $55/player + Team Fee
  • Competitive: $335/player
  • Oldtimers: $55/player + Team Fee


What equipment does the fee include?

Players must order their team uniforms directly (Uniform and Club Apparel). Please communicate with the team manager for jersey numbering prior to ordering. Players are required to wear the given uniform, protective shin guards and cleats at all sessions.


Who can I contact if I have questions about:

  • Program: Contact your captain.
  • Registration process and/or PowerUp Portal, installments, etc.:
  • Financial assistance: See webpage for more information


Player requirements

Ottawa TFC follows FIFA and Ontario Soccer (OS) Policy states which require that all jewellery, including but not limited to earrings and watches, must be removed. Taping earrings is also not allowed. Casts – Hard casts are not permitted.

Players and parents must abide to the Ottawa TFC Return to Play Protocol and the Code of Conduct.