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Thank you from the Ottawa TFC Family!


Want to support and partner with Ottawa TFC? 

Join our efforts in growing our club and delivering top quality sports programming to all ages, genders and demographics within our community.  From nationally ranked programs teams and players, to those just starting out, and players of all ages and backgrounds staying active for life, we have a program that fits the demographic of your business and clientele.  See some of the current partnership opportunities below, or share with us your ideas around partnering with Ottawa TFC.

If you are interested in linking with us in one or more of the categories below, please contact gm@ottawatfc.com or jlundin@ottawatfc.com for details and next steps. 

What Can I do to help? 

  • Lawn Signs:  Show your pride as an Ottawa TFC member with a FREE CUSTOM Lawn Sign 
  • Testimonials: send us a brief testimonial of why you love Ottawa TFC
  • Videos and Pics: Share your Ottawa TFC videos and pics for use by our marketing team.  
  • Volunteer to help us deliver flyers and organize other promotional events and efforts.
  • Like, follow and share our social media pages and content
  • Tell your friends about our club! - send them to our website: www.ottawatfc.com

What Can my business do to help?


Individual Member Support

Put up a Lawn Sign to show your support during registration!

Ottawa TFC will give up to 2 free lawn signs to any member willing to put these up on their lawn during any of our registration periods. 

If you are interested in your free customizable sign, please fill out the request form here


Send us a Testimonial

If you love Ottawa TFC, please send us a testimonial or review that we can post.  

Click here to submit your testimonials.


Like, follow and share our Social Media Content

You can help support our club and its growth by following our social media accounts, and by liking and sharing our posts.

Follow our Instagram here

Follow our Facebook page here 


Share your Videos and Pics

Our marketing team is always in need of fresh video and picture content to use on websites, social media and traditional marketing streams. 

Share with us your cool Ottawa TFC pics and videos here


Players can volunteer to help distribute flyers

We strive to get our club and name out to communities in every way possible.  During registration seasons, we organize flyer campaigns, and have our young athletes hand deliver these to our houses and businesses in our community.  We also organize community events like BBQ's, fundraisers, soccer tennis tournaments and other activities that help get our club into the community. 

If you would like to volunteer for such an event, please reach out to Jordan by email jlundin@ottawatfc.com and say "Is there anything I can volunteer to help with?"

Corporate and Business Support:

Below you will find our current corporate and business partnership opportunities.  We are also open to new and better ideas, so if you have an idea and want to partner with us in ways that aren't listed below,  please reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss with you.  For all community partnership inquiries contact either Pavel at gm@ottawatfc.com or Jordan at jlundin@ottawatfc.com

Click here for a full list of programs, teams, and other club advertising assets that your business can sponsored, co-brand and advertise with.

For details, questions and interest please contact Pavel - gm@ottawatfc.com or Jordan - jlundin@ottawatfc.com 

Co-Branded Mail Advertising: 

Join our club in a targeted mail advertising campgain that is co-branded with your company.  One side of our mailer promotes our club and its programming and mission, and the other side promotes your company.  Get your company's name and logo sent all over the community, partnered with an awesome youth sports organization. See pricing and sample of mailer. 

Number of Ads mailed Price per ad
500 $ 1000.00
1000  $ 1500.00
2500  $ 2800.00
5000 $ 4800.00

Our staff will handle all logistics of the campaign, consulting with you on final look and scope of any campaign. 

Sample of mail advertising:


Co-Branded Lawn Signs: 

Our passionate members and supporters place lawn signs on their property and place of business during registration periods each year.  We welcome community businesses to partner with us in producing these signs and including their company name or logo in our design.  Get your company all over the neighbourhood, partnered with an awesome youth sports organization. 

Number of Lawn Signs Price per ad
50 Lawn Signs $450.00
100 Lawn Signs $750.00
250 Lawn Signs $1200.00

Contact Jordan (jlundin@ottawatfc.com) if you are interested or have any questions. 

Sample of Law Signs