Team Accountability, Fundraising and Sponsorship Guidelines


This policy shall be followed by all teams that have collected money from players, through fund raising activities, by sponsorship or by donations throughout the course of the playing season.


Teams that have funded or augmented their operations throughout the playing season (either winter or summer) such as for tournaments, OSA fees, team equipment, dome time, etc, shall account for these by means of a Team Expenditure Report.

The report shall be provided to the Cobra Director no later than 30 days after the end of season. The end of the season shall be defined as the last date by which the team plays a league game. All team members shall be provided a copy of the report.

There is no specific format for the report however it should contain as a minimum:

  • Identification of the team officials involved in collecting and spending of funds, the team members  and the season played
  • Balance at the start of the season, if any
  • Itemized list of actual monies collected and from where, 
  • Itemized list of actual monies spent and for what purpose,
  • The nominal outstanding balance (less than $10), if any. However it is recommended that the team official(s) close the bank account at the end of the season and distribute any remaining funds equally amongst the team members.

A sample template is contained within the document below.


Teams will have the option of determining their own fund raising initiatives for the season (within reason). Individual and team fund-raising activities need not be pre-approved however in all cases monies raised will be retained by the teams and must only be used to support soccer related activities. The following guidelines shall be adhered to:

  • Fundraising shall not be obligatory; neither a player nor a player’s family should ever feel coerced into participating in fundraising activities.  It is only to be done on a voluntary basis;
  • Only competitive teams may conduct fundraising activities.  If they choose to do so, a majority of players must be willing and able to participate, and only group fundraising activities should take place;
  • Any player who fundraises with his or her team must be in proper CUSC uniform and conduct him or herself in a manner that reflects positively on the Club;
  • The Club does not encourage minor players going door to door unless accompanied by a responsible adult;
  • The following types of activities are typically allowed:
    • Selling a product in exchange for a donation: chocolate bars, popcorn, T-shirts etc
    • Holding a BBQ under the auspices of a grocery store or food supply company
    • Providing a service in exchange for a donation:  car wash, lawn cutting etc.
  • Activities Discouraged: Canada’s Criminal Code prohibits activities such giving a chance to win something in exchange for money.  This includes such things as raffle baskets, or winning your groceries back.  While these activities are often permitted for local community teams they are technically legally not permitted so the Club will not recommend them or endorse such activities, unless special permission has been obtained prior from authorities.


Commercial and/or corporate sponsorship of a team is allowed within the following bounds:

  • Crest or imprint on the CUSC uniform as long as it is respectful (in the judgment of the CUSC) and there is no more than 2 crests, badges or imprints per uniform
  • Banner and signs that are displayed where the team plays as long as it is permissible at the venue
  • No active promotion of the product or service by any member of the team is allowed
  • If the team has a social media page the sponsor can be mentioned and logo displayed as long as it does not appear that the club endorses the sponsor
  • It is recommended that a thank you letter and plaque be donated to the business where it may be displayed in public

Club level sponsorship activities such as those used for the Cobra tournament shall be coordinated through the Vice-President who must approve these prior to any agreement being finalized with the sponsor.


Approved for use on May 4, 2011

by the CUSC Board of Directors


Sample Team Expenditure Report

Downloadable document