Adult Soccer Program Policy




This policy provides guidance and assistance for setting the adult outdoor house league soccer programs including game and playing rules. This policy is for the summer leagues (Women’s Over 25, Women’s Open, and Men’s Open) and the winter leagues (Women’s Futsal, Women’s Over 25 dome, and Men’s dome).


1.1 The Senior Soccer Director will select a convener for each league. Normally the convenor will be the person who performed the duties in the prior year unless that person no longer wishes to continue as the convenor, or there are valid reasons for removing this person.

1.2 Each convenor will select a team manager for each team in the league that they are responsible for.


2.1 Prior to setting game schedules, a meeting should be held between the Senior Soccer Director and the Facilities Director to confirm days, and field assignments; ideally those fields and days stay the same every year.

2.2 Provide the CUSC Club Administrator with the games conflicting with statutory holidays; those games are cancelled.

2.3 Summer season usually begins the last weekend of May and the final games are usually the second weekend of September. Games start at 18:30 in the months of May, June and July. In August and September the games start at 18:00.

2.4 Winter season (dome leagues) starts the beginning of October and ends the second week of May. Start times depend on availability of the fields.

2.5 Winter season (Futsal) starts the beginning of October and ends the second week of April. Start times depend on availability of the gyms.

2.6 Games cancelled because of inclement weather, team absence or statutory holiday will not be rescheduled. 


3.1 Women’s Over 25 League (summer)

a. The teams will be selected using the draft method.

b. There is one manager for each team. This manager will normally be the same manager from the prior year, unless they no longer wish to be manager, or if there is a valid reason for changing managers (one example: they no longer have enough players returning and another group has more players joining). “Enough players” is defined as at least 8 players from the prior year’s team.

c. All managers will attend the draft meeting in order to select their players.

d. Each team will start the draft with a core group of 11 players. If possible the core from each group will include a keeper.

e. The list of core players for each team will be sent to the convener by the manager prior to the draft meeting.

f. At the start of the draft meeting, each manager will receive a listing of the remaining players that are registered. If possible this listing should contain a rating for the player as well as the positions played. This rating is to be done by the convener prior to the meeting with the assistance of the managers who have past knowledge of the players.

g. The draft process will be that each team selects one player at a time until all registered players are taken. The order of selection is reversed after each round. If possible the friends request will be taken into consideration.

h. Players registering after the draft will be placed on teams according to who has a lower number of players. Friend considerations will be taken into account only if possible.

3.2 Women’s Open league (summer), Women’s Futsal League (winter) and Women’s Dome League (winter)

a. The teams will be selected by the convener of the league.

b. The selection of teams will be based on:

i. consultation with the team managers;
ii. friends requested;
iii. balancing of number of players per team; and

c. An attempt to balance the teams in terms of skill levels.

Note: Players registering after the original team selections are completed will be placed on teams according to which team has a lower number of players. Friend requests will be taken into account only if possible.

3.3 Men’s Open Leagues (summer and winter)

a. The teams will be selected by the convener of the league.

b. The selection of teams will be based on:

i. Consultation with the team managers;
ii. Balancing of number of players per team; and
iii. An attempt to balance the teams in terms of skill levels.

c. Players registering after the original team selections are completed will be placed on teams according to who has a lower number of players.


4.1 Regular CUSC rules apply including no slide tackles;

4.2 Summer rules are in effect - from July 7th to August 11th – If teams have an unequal number of players then the team with the most players shall play at a one man advantage until both teams are at full size. The team with the most players can also offer players to the other if they wish. Only registered players are allowed to play. Teams can call-up players if they know they will be short on a particular night. If one team is consistently short players then they should consider adding a fulltime player to their roster.


5.1 CUSCs uniform policy is posted on the website and is to be strictly adhered to. The referees are to ensure compliance with this rule. Under the policy, all players must wear a CUSC jersey (with the logo), shorts and socks. There are two exceptions:

a. Instead of the CUSC shorts, a player may wear other ones but they must be black or royal blue, and can’t have another club logo on them.

b. Instead of CUSC socks a player may wear other ones but they must be white, dark or royal blue. It is also permissible to wear the Breast Cancer socks.

Note: Managers must ensure their players are aware of and follow these rules. There will be a two week grace period in order for players to obtain the necessary uniform pieces. After that time the player will not be allowed to play the game. If the team chooses to let the player play then, regardless of the reason, that team defaults the game.


6.1 Women’s Over 25 (summer) and Women’s Open (summer)- Rules for call-ups between these two leagues:

a. Call-ups from the other league can only play if a team has less than 3 spares on the sideline (i.e. less than 14 players). If more of the team shows up then the call-ups cannot play.

b. Call-ups can only be made from the other women’s summer league and they need to be from the call-up list.

c. Call-ups must meet the criteria of the age group they are being called up to.

d. A player can only be called up to a maximum of 3 times (total for all teams) and only twice for one team.

e. Managers must email the call-up coordinator (who has agreed to manage the list during the year) before the game to let them know who is playing.

f. No call-ups are allowed during the play-offs.


7.1 There must be equal playing time for all players on the same line. This means all players playing forward play the same amount, all midfielders play the same amount and all defence plays the same amount. 

8.0 SOCCER-DAY TOURNAMENTS - Women’s Over 25 (Summer)and Women’s Open leagues (Summer)

8.1 The format and rules for the tournaments will be determined by the conveners of the leagues in consultation with the managers of the teams and the Senior Soccer Director. These will be distributed to all players prior to the tournament day.

8.2 The Women’s Over 25 and the Women’s Open tournament days will take place the first and second weekend of September (after Labor Day), and rotate between the two leagues. In odd number years (ex. 2015 year) the Women’s Open league will have their tournament on the first weekend after Labor Day and the Women’s Over 25 league will have their tournament on the next weekend. In even number years the two leagues will switch the weekends.


Approved by the Board of Directors on October 14, 2014

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